The Star Of The New Boemian Gastarbeiter Opera Is In Jail!

Patrick Bongola aka TOPOKE was imprisoned today, Monday, 8 am. He participated on january 19th in a demonstration against a chartered deportation and ended up inside the encirclement of the police.
He was fined with a administrative penalty, which he, as musician and family father, is not willing to pay.
TOPOKE went to jail for the people´s right to demonstrate. He knows, he will come out – and do so soon. He went into the prison he demonstrated in front of. He will be out and tell us about those who can´t. Those, who remain speechless in our country all the time. We have to take his act of courage as a duty for us come to the immigrationholding centre (Anhaltezentrum) and strongly support his efforts.
FREE TOPOKE! Stop Deportation!
On may 15th 4.00 pm in front of the Polizeianhaltezentrum Roßauer Lände 9, 1090 Wien.
The demonstration is announced and legally registered.
Coordination telephone: 0664/2258993


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